The Universe has my Back

2018 has been a year of self-discovery and one where I have learned the true meaning of “the Universe has my back”. Coinciding with “midlife” and hormonal ebbing and flowing, I have begun to wonder what I want in life. Life is far too short to live a life that’s mediocre. Life is also far too short to over-think, ruminate and drink bad tea but somehow I manage to do all of these things most days! This year I received some valuable personal coaching from the lovely Gabrielle Treanor (I highly recommend working with her), experienced and loved Reiki and found comfort in reading again. I have been diving into loads of positive psychology books and am loving taking time each day to improve my knowledge and open my mind. I have participated in (and contributed to) Life Reboot Camp with Sophie LeBrozec and have learned so much about myself and my potential. It’s so encouraging having a little cheering squad behind you and that’s definitely what Sophie and her LRC Facebook group provide.

As I have worked through WHAT DO I WANT, I have discovered:

  • I want to be my own boss. I enjoy working with and for people but I love the autonomy of working independently and setting my own hours and demands to be able to support our family the best I can.
  • I want to do meaningful work that makes a difference.
  • I want to have time to read and learn.
  • I want to be able to contribute more financially to our family.
  • I want to speak at events in my community.
  • I want to WRITE A BOOK (or 3??).
  • I want to be able to easily afford holidays that allow us to visit our family far and near.
  • I want to feel confident and appreciated.
  • I want my children and husband to feel loved and confident and for my husband to not be so stressed.
  • I want to continue to prioritise my health and self-care.


So not much then! The biggest want, in CAPITAL letters above though, that has been niggling for years now is to WRITE A BOOK. When I was a very young girl, I wrote a mystery with my Grandma. It was called “The Mysterious Case of Farley Filler”. I don’t think it hit the best seller list but it certainly lit a spark in me that has remained long buried. WRITE WRITE WRITE keeps popping up when I meditate. WRITE WRITE WRITE keeps flashing through when my brain wanders. WRITE WRITE WRITE keeps rising to the surface when I am reading others who inspire me.

I have begun one book. I have about 2 paragraphs done. My goal now will be to dedicate time daily to writing. Even if these books never see the light of day or a book shelf nearest to you, I know I need to do this. And in the spirt of “The Universe has your Back”, manifesting and the Law of Attraction, I am tapping into the Law of Action and putting it out there…if you are a publisher or agent, I am working on the beginnings of 2 positive psychology books and 1 children’s book related to positive psychology for ages 5-11. You may want to watch this space as I will be dribbling out excerpts from each in 2019 and who knows…maybe someone will get in touch and help me make this dream a reality? I’m ready Universe…I’m doing the work so when you have time, send me a rainbow.

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